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What Happens If You Don’t Put Your Watch in the Best Watch Winder

So, you have automatic watches, but you don’t have the best watch winder in your possession? Well, automatic watches and watch winder are an inseparable pair. These are the things that will happen if you fail to put your precious automatic watches in a watch winder. 

Manual Winding

The most essential function of a watch winder is to keep your automatic watch when it is not worn. An automatic watch uses kinetic power, so it will stop running when it is not worn for several days. If you don’t have a watch winder, you will have to manually wind the watch every time you want to wear it.

It won’t be a big problem if you only have one or two watches. But it will be a waste of time if you have many watches and you have to wind them first every single time. Besides, the mechanism of the watch is designed to stay moving. If it doesn’t, it will get broken over time. Putting your automatic watches inside a watch winder is a simple action that can keep your precious watches in good condition for a very long time.

An Unorganized Table

Imagine how messy your table will be when you don’t have the best watch winder to showcase your collection. You need a nice and safe place to keep your watch collection. You can purchase a watch winder box according to the size of your collection. 

Actually, you can use any ordinary watch box to safeguard and showcase your watch collection. A watch box is much cheaper than a watch winder. But we are talking about automatic watches here. It needs special treatment and tools to keep the mechanism running. This is called killing two birds with one stone. One tool that has two functions sounds like a good idea.


Dust particles might not seem like a problem, but it actually is. Small dust particles can go inside the crevices of the watch, and it is going to be really hard to get it out. Dust buildup can occur in a span of one day. Now imagine if your watches lie around the table for weeks or months. Your problem will be more than just an unorganized table.

Watch winder is more than just a tool to wind your watches automatically. It is also a fashion statement, and it is helpful to keep your watches clean. Therefore, when you have decided that you want to purchase your second automatic watch, it is also time to invest in the best watch winder.

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